Thursday, December 26, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 05

These past few days I was busy applying the water slide decals for Sazabi Ver. Ka. Initially I thought of updating it daily then then I think again that it would be feasible to put them all together into this post instead...

There are a total of 152 decals to apply, majority are mostly the really small decals, very straining on my eyes, but manage to finish it eventually lol...

Smaller decals are the first few to be applied if you're going by sequence...

Even funnels has decals lol...

Finished product =D

So all decals (except for the mono-eye as I wanted to use the LED gimmick) has been used, which I once again felt a sense of satisfaction lol... For now I will let the decals to dry up so that I can piece them together tomorrow lol...

- Vic

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[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 06


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah... Majority of them were quite small =)

    2. lol I am still thinking if I will put all decals.

  2. In my opinion you should give it a go.. It's tedious but the outcome makes it worthwhile lol..