Sunday, June 28, 2015

[MG] DMS-01HE 'Dark Emperor Stein' Sinanju Painted Build for GBWC 2015 [Updated 28th June 2015]

Project Name:
DMS-01HE Dark Emperor Stein

- Corrupted Beam Blade w/ Shield x2
- Corrupted Beam Rifle x1
- Corrupted Chains x2 
- Corrupted Beam Saber x2

Special Ability
- Sharpshooter (Long range attack from Corrupted Beam Rifle)
- Blades of Corruption (From Corrupted Beam Blade w/ Shield)
- Chains of Fury (Chain attack that binds opponents)

For now, this whole kit is classified. Currently having vague ideas and penning down some points... only will be revealed when it's nearing year end GBWC is nearing lol...

Arise! The birth of the next Dark Emperor for the DMS project has risen! The terrible consequence falls upon the Holy Knight Stein when he attempted to equip the Holy Star Booster onto him, hoping that it could increase his power to defeat the Dark Arch Mage. This kit has been thrown forward to coincides with this year's GBWC, and this will be my competition entry.

List of Tamiya Spray Paint used:
- TS-21 Gold (Corrupted Internal Frame)
- TS-06 Matt Black (Primary color, for main armor parts)
- TS-85 Bright Mica Red (Secondary color, for selected armor parts)
- TS-42 Light Gun Metal (For selected weapon and Corrupted Internal Frame)

List of kits & materials used:
- Sinanju as base unit
- Additional Shield from another Sinanju
- Head from Sinanju Stein
- CJ Metal Parts for Sinanju
- Gold chains (fake gold obviously lol..) from hardware shops

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Note: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post my WIP pics here but I will just post a few of the initial ones and then hold on the rest during the mid-way of the build until I submitted my entry... Or I will just check on the rules and regulation again and will see how lol...

Silhouette of Sinanju

*Updated 1st May 2015: I had completed gathering all the parts from other kits, dissembling them and separate them out for spray painting...

*Updated 29th May 2015: Name and details has been updated and the kit has been revealed lol...

*Updated 8th June 2015: For the past few days I had been separating the armor parts from the runners which I had completed doing that yesterday. So tomorrow I will be doing spray painting for the armor parts and the weapon parts for color testing. I had ran of Gun Metal color (everywhere also ran out lol) so I had to replace with Light Gun Metal which is supposing much lighter in color.

*Updated 9th June 2015: I hadn't posted any pics up here, yet. I do have pics taken for this kit and it's WIPs, but I'm kinda sticking to the rules that I followed during HLJ's Playing with Plamo competition last year. I know GBWC rules didn't state that but I'm just doing it just in case. So do forgive me if I don't post any pics.

But in the meantime, I had spray painted all of the main armor parts, and even went ahead to complete the Dark Emperor Stein's Dual Shield Blade and the Beam Rifle for color testing. Turns out to be real great so I'm sticking to that for now lol.. I had also implement the use of metal parts for this kit so expect more drilling again and more sacrifices of the pegs which those metal parts can't fit in..

*Updated 10th June 2015: Finally done separating the inner frame parts from the runners and I had also made some adjustments in my color plans as well, which resulted in lack of Light Gun Metal color. No worries, I could go there and get some more again and maybe buy some Flat Matt top coat as well along the way lol.. Now that this kit is pretty much complete (after spray paint and building), I should think up of some diorama for this. Not too complicated, just wanted to get the basic foundation up for GBWC, and from there I could improvise it after GBWC and reviews.

*Updated 12th June 2015: I had been building this kit for the past two days and it's currently almost complete, need to do top coating and it's pretty much done for this kit. What's left to do now is to come up a basic and simple diorama and fixed a pose. I still have time to plan this out as the GBWC for Singapore hasn't open for registration yet.

*Updated 21st June 2015: I came up with this preview picture of my work, together with my Holy Knight Stein in front. Of course the main focus is this kit that I currently build lol.. Finally a new picture in this post haha...

*Updated 28th June 2015: the foundation of the custom base stand is done. Don't be too hopeful cos it's just a simple base stand with some cut-out styrofoam blocks draped with some cloth, and a simple plaque with a simple description of my build lol...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June Updates

June was a great month for me to relax a bit from work (as it's school holidays at my workplace lol) and as everyone is aware by now, Gundam Docks at Singapore event has been ongoing for the entire month of June and will be ending on the 28th June 2015 which is this Sunday. I have been there like four times to see all the kits on display, taking pics of them, and also see the promotion price of the kits that had their price cut down low lol.. Tomorrow I will be going there again one last time to get something cheap hopefully lol...

Some latest news that I had seen, and that surprised me that it caught me off guard lol.. Ok first off Bandai made an surprise announcement that they will be producing the PG Unicorn Banshee Norn which will be releasing in September this year. This news probably caught many people by surprise, given that PG Unicorn release was barely a year, and boom.. out comes this, and it's not even P-Bandai best of all lol...

Link from Gundam Guy blog post
PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Release Date: September 2015)

Next up is the Metal Build Strike Freedom that which is somewhat expected, but didn't fully expected it to be a real stuff lol.. So far Hobby Art and GG Infinite had opened the pre-order for this. Really something to look forward in December 2015, I can finally do a battle pose together with my Metal Build Destiny lol...

Link from Gundam Guy blog post
Metal Build Strike Freedom (Release Date: December 2015)

And now for my DMS project for GBWC 2015 competition status. So far my Dark Emperor Stein as said in my other blog post, the kit is already complete, what I'm left to do now is to do a simple decorations and fix a pose for it. I'm intending to use the 31x31x46 (all in cm) display case base to limit the size and work on it based on the base size it has. It should be more than enough. Once this is done, I will be taking a couple of pictures, let my friend to some photo editing and then submit them along with my registration for the GBWC competition. So I won't be spray painting any new kit anytime soon as I need to recover my financial back first lol.. But I did had plans to spray paint my next kit, which is Hi-Nu Ver Ka and it's HWS. I have the kits, but not enough spray paint right now. So have to wait lol...

Anyway, that's all for this month, I will be back to work and studying again lol..

- Vic

[Completed][RG] MS-06S Zaku II Ver. Gundam Docks at Singapore - [Updated 25th June 2015]

This is another exclusive kit that I bought alongside with the SG50 kit at Takashimaya Shopping Center. They also sell the RG RX-78-2 Gundam exclusive but since I already had the SG50 Gundam, I will get the Zaku instead, and honestly I like these Zaku designs more than the Gundam lol... This kit is pretty much the same as the normal RG green Zaku, except that it has an additional base and special decals just for the Gundam Docks event lol...

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[Completed][HG] RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.SG50 Exclusive - [Updated 16th June 2015]

To commemorate SG50, Gunpla Mechanic Designer Kunio Okawara designed this kit which also happens to be on sale during the Gundam Docks @ SG event for this month of June. This was his message below,

~A tribute to Singapore~

It is such an honor to be able to design this special Gundam in celebration of Singapore's 50th anniversary. This design is inspired by the red and white colours of Singapore's national flag, and my impressions toward the beauty and cleanliness of the country.

I hope everyone likes this,
and it would be my great pleasure.

Kunio Okawara

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Closeup of the message by Mr. Okawara

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gundam Docks at Singapore 2015 (Day 2)

Day 2 at Takashimaya Shopping Center with friends XD And also took some real close up pics of some models individually lol.. Next week I will be going there again to take a few more lol..

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gundam Docks at Singapore 2015 (Day 1)

Another Gunpla event at Takashimaya! =D This time it's special, because the Gunpla mechanics designer Kunio Okawara, designed the RX-78 Gundam SG50 version to commemorate to Singapore's 50 years of nation building!

I will be taking more photos on another day, and see if I can get anything else within my limited budget lol..

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[Completed][PG] RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Full Armor Parts Exclusive - [Updated 4th June 2015]

My PG Unicorn's Full Armor Parts has finally arrived! Originally an idea for my GBWC entry, now I just build it casually for my other Unicorn which I did not post up (won't be posting them up anyway lol...) So this kit consist of an additional Hyper Bazooka, 2 Shields, 4 Gattling Beam Guns, couple of missile packs and Grenade Launchers, and finally the huge propellant tanks lol... I will be planning to build the Shields, Bazooka and Gattling Guns last as everyone by now was familar with them, I just work on the on the new stuffs first lol...

Also a huge sheet of water decal sheet for this kit. I might really take some time to do that, thank goodness I did not apply any of the normal decals from my Unicorn kit lol...

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Monday, June 1, 2015

[Completed][HG] Petitgguy Burning Red, Lightning Blue, Winning Yellow & Future Pink - [Updated 1st June 2015]

These cute little bears are so cute that I had to get them as a set. They are sold separately however but it's only fitting to get them as a set lol... Also each of them have a small puzzle piece stand and stickers for their eyes and nose. Bandai gave like three pairs of eyes and 4 noses in each of them, probably is to let you have more spare stickers of those lol...

These Petitgguys can be seen during the ending credits of Gundam Build Fighters Try Season 2 (second half onwards of the episodes I think). Their names are 'Burning Red', 'Lightning Blue', ' Winning Yellow' and 'Future Pink'. They are fast to build, so I probably do one per day lol... Overall, they are so cute...!!!
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