Friday, December 27, 2013

[MG] MSN-02 Perfect Zeong Principality of Zeon MS for New Type Part 01

This is my another biggest kit I got from HLJ, which is also the biggest Master Grade kit Bandai has ever built for this line so far, not even the Sazabi or The O can beat that lol... MG Perfect Zeong stands at 36cm tall, which is almost the height of my PG Strike Freedom, about 350 parts and a couple of screws to build this kit, which is damn cool lol...

It's mono-eye can not only turn left & right, it can also turn upwards all the way to the back!

I have a feeling that is kit would be freaking big, after seeing how big it's waist is lol... Don't worry, I will show the waist in future post lol...

- Vic

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