Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[HG] Beargguy III(San) Build Fighter China Kousaka Custom Made MS

This was a Christmas present given by another friend of mine. He gave me this and SD Hi-Nu together lol... And personally I like this kit alot, but for now Bandai only has HG kit of this cute teddy bear, so here's hoping that they release this as MG kit lol...

This is the one kit that I fully focused on removing the nub marks and panel line it as best as possible. And this is also the kit to marked the end of Year 2013. I will be starting work on my next kit on the first day of Year 2014 haha...

[MG] RX-93-V2 Hi-Nu Gundam E.F.S.F. Amuro Ray's Custom MS Part 03

This part covers mostly all the Fin Funnels, weapons and base stand, and it's completed lol!

This looks more like wings o.O

Monday, December 30, 2013

[MG] RX-93-V2 Hi-Nu Gundam E.F.S.F. Amuro Ray's Custom MS Part 02

Today's a busy day at work, and I came back home a bit late due to that lol... But anyway, I managed to work on Hi-Nu's Arms and Legs, so that I finished both the upper and lower body assembly.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

[MG] RX-93-V2 Hi-Nu Gundam E.F.S.F. Amuro Ray's Custom MS Part 01

I have actually waiting for this for quite some months. I ordered this along with Perfect Zeong in around October as HLJ indicated that they will be restocking this in November. So when I got it, I kept it in Private Warehouse for almost 2 months as I was waiting for the Perfect Zeong and the Sazabi Ver Ka so that I can ship them together.

[08] New Display Cases! XD

I bought these display cases from HAG and I was really glad that I was able to find a case that can fit my Sazabi in nicely lol...

The one on the left is actually meant for PG size kits but to do some poses with Sazabi Ver Ka, this case is the best choice. It's dimension size is 20 x 26 x 42 cm, so you can also do flying pose for Sazabi Ver Ka as you still have some more space in terms of height.

*Edit: I have actually bought this display case earlier and tested it by putting my competition kit in it  in flying pose and it looks great. Just that I can't post any images about it yet. And I also needed this case to put my Sazabi Ver Ka in it so I bought it again.*

The one on the right is probably the most common display case (dimension size 21.5 x 21 x 26 cm) for most MG kits. The older Sazabi can still do some small poses, but still will be restricted in terms of it's height as Sazabi's height is actually a bit more taller if it's stands up straight. I had to bend it's legs and while doing a small pose so that the tip of it's head fitted just nice for the case's height. This case also features flashing LED lighting effects. 2x AAA batteries is required.

Click on 'Read More' to see the images I've put for my Sazabis. Both of them are going to transport back to my cubicle at my workplace lol...

[MG] MSN-02 Perfect Zeong Principality of Zeon MS for New Type Part 03

Finally finished this big a** kit lol... Found out that it was easy to build as most of the parts are just snap-in to complete.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

[New] P-Bandai Exclusive MG Exia Repair II & Normal Release of MG Build Strike Full Package Box Art!

Some more images updated for Exia Repair II lol... This kit will be releasing in February 2014.

Link from Gundam Guy blog post

And also, the box art for MG Build Strike Full Package has just been updated! This kit will be releasing somewhere in between Dec 2013 and January 2014..

Link from Gundam Guy blog post

I know there's a couple more MG kits like Build Gundam Mk-II, Sengoku Astray and Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate.. but I will wait till when it's respective box art are release I will post them up here lol...

- Vic

[MG] MSN-02 Perfect Zeong Principality of Zeon MS for New Type Part 02

Today I'm working on Perfect Zeong's arms and legs. The arms are bigger than normal, but the legs are really ridiculously huge lol...

Friday, December 27, 2013

[MG] MSN-02 Perfect Zeong Principality of Zeon MS for New Type Part 01

This is my another biggest kit I got from HLJ, which is also the biggest Master Grade kit Bandai has ever built for this line so far, not even the Sazabi or The O can beat that lol... MG Perfect Zeong stands at 36cm tall, which is almost the height of my PG Strike Freedom, about 350 parts and a couple of screws to build this kit, which is damn cool lol...

"New" Sazabi Ver Ka Vs "Old" Sazabi Metallic Coating Version

I'm doing a simple comparison in terms of both Sazabi(s) various parts and stuffs. Of course obviously there are huge differences between them and to start things off, the water slide decals on the old Sazabi were a few pieces, like around 20 more or less, whereas Sazabi Ver Ka has total of 152 decals, where majority of them were all the small details!

Let's start off with the boxes, shall we? Lol...

As you can see, the new box is taller lol...

But in terms of length and thickness, it's still the same lol...

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 06

Now that the decals are all dried up and set, finally now is the time to piece them together!

Shiny mono-eye lol

Clearing out outstanding kits from HLJ Private Warehouse

These kits have been stored in HLJ's private warehouse for almost 2 months... I had to ship them out before they help me ship out one by one, which will be very tedious and money consuming lol...

Currently, ReZEL C (Defenser a+b Unit) is to be given to a friend of mine for his birthday next year lol... I have another one still holding up at the warehouse, which I can still ship it out in mid January next year.

- Vic

Thursday, December 26, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 05

These past few days I was busy applying the water slide decals for Sazabi Ver. Ka. Initially I thought of updating it daily then then I think again that it would be feasible to put them all together into this post instead...

There are a total of 152 decals to apply, majority are mostly the really small decals, very straining on my eyes, but manage to finish it eventually lol...

Smaller decals are the first few to be applied if you're going by sequence...

[New Updated 26 Dec 2013] MG Unicorn Gundam Phenex or "Fenix" (or whatever) is now open for pre-order on HLJ, GG Infinite & HAG!

HLJ *and GGinfinite* has now started to take in pre-orders for Uncorn Gundam "Phenex" or "Fenix" or... I don't know... =.=

Just don't really understand why there's so many different name variation for this Unicorn....

Anyway, here's the link where you can pre-order =D

Pre-Order on HLJ

*Update 19 Dec 2013: Here's another link from gginfinite for pre-order and more images of this wonderful kit XD

Links from Gundam Guy's Blog
Pre-Order on GGInfinite.com

*Update 26 Dec 2013: HAG are now taking pre-orders for this kit too!

Pre-order on HAG (More details on Facebook page)

- Vic

Monday, December 23, 2013

[07] Remember this old guy? =P

Okay it's not exactly that old, given that I bought it just around 3 months back lol... But if it's in terms of it's release date, yes it is really really old lol...

I'll be doing a comparison between this and the Version "Ka" once I've finish applying the decals lol...

- Vic

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 04

Managed to finished the backpack, funnels and it's weapons today lol... I will be fully focusing on applying the water slide decals for this tomorrow, piece them together and do a comparison with my old MG Sazabi Metallic Coating Version lol...

[New] Armor Girl Project (AGP) MS Girl RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Released in March 2014!

A girl "dressed" in Unicorn Gundam armor... that sounds wrong though lol....

Links from Gundam Guy's blog post

- Vic

Sunday, December 22, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 03

I have completed the mobile suit parts today. I'm not sure why my iPhone camera lighting is a bit weird today so apologies for the bad image quality >.<

Showing pistons... 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 02

Today I was planning to do spray painting under the void deck of my block. But because I forgot to pass the school gate keys back to my colleague, I had to go back early in the morning to open the gates and also brought my MG Sazabi along with the spray paint cans so that I can do over there.

That's what I called efficiency lol... Of course I cleared up the area I was working at after I finished spray painting lol... I was actually out with my other colleagues the entire day today so I only managed to finished up panel lining all the red parts and pieced the head and body. As usual practice when dealing with my competition kit, I'm not joining the parts together for now, as I'm planning to apply the water slide decals and I find it easier to apply it when it's in separate parts.

Finally no more yellow color lol...

Friday, December 20, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 01

After the long wait, from pre-ordering in October to some postal delay hiccups in December (this month), this newest kit has finally arrived to my home at last!!!! XD Accompanied with some other kits I have bought, this is one of the two biggest kits I have ever received lol...

I'm planning to do some spray painting on most of the parts. I'm retaining the red color don't worry lol...

Gundam Head Collection Volume 4

I got these head collection as it looks awesome, plus they have quite a number of Unicorn Gundam-related heads in there lol... I kinda regretted for not getting this early, cos the previous volume before this has Unicorn Gundam heads too, but now Bandai discontinued it so I will just learn from experience then lol...

Latest Arrival from HLJ for December (At last!!!!)

Finally my package has arrived!!!! My local postal service really saved their own a**es if they really deliver them this Saturday lol... Yup this haul is going to be big haha...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

[Updated 19th Dec 2013] December Haul from HLJ

This is another one of the biggest haul I got from HLJ... Yes, I managed to save up enough money to ship this Sazabi Ver Ka out to me lol..

Still have alot more left in the Private Warehouse. I should be able to clear them next year before the 60 days limit is up lol...

*Update: They're doubling checking takes damn long.... Maybe because this is a very big package lol... Oh well.. I'll still be expecting the package next Monday either way lol...

*Update 16 Dec 2013: Yes! Finally it has been shipped out! So the arrival time should be this Wednesday or Thursday *Friday or Saturday...

*Update 18 Dec 2013: Due to the fagging heavy rain in my area, the postman decided not to deliver my items today.... T_T

*Update 19 Dec 2013: As if things could not get any worse, I called up the local postal service and they actually tell me that my package will only arrive in 2 working days, which means I won't be getting my package TODAY and only be coming this Friday or Saturday... All because of the stupid wheather........

- Vic

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

[MG] GN-001 Gundam Exia Celestial Being Mobile Suit Part 02

Now that I have found that stupid joint, which was hiding in my chair for quite a few days, I'm able to move on with this kit lol...

A Little Update....

Some bit of updates of what I'm planning to do and currently doing...

First of all, my competition kit for HLJ's Playing with PlaMo competition has finally completed! *Yay....!!!!* I have already submitted my final entries to HLJ so for now all I can do for this is to wait for the result to be announce somewhere in February 2014 and I can post up all of my competition kit's Work In Progress (WIP for short) and final entry pictures after HLJ had given the go ahead once the competition is officially over. By now if you had follow this blog closely, you would have know what kit did I used for my entry if you had noticed that I did not post one of the kit's stuffs that I previously received from HLJ lol... But anyway, this is my second customized kit and by far also my best one so far, which I'm proud of myself lol...

Secondly, You might also have noticed that I stopped building MG Exia. I really like this kit alot. But ever since last night I lost one of it's critical polycap joint that is supposed to join Exia's left arm. I frantically searched my entire room that whole night, literally turning my room upside down but still can't find it. I mean, how the heck it can gone missing when I actually saw it dropped and rolled under the table with my own eyes?! Until now I still have not found that joint yet so I'm shelving Exia aside for now.

So yeah this is the bad news, first time in my life for me, that's sad =( But the good news is, I've previously pre-ordered MG Exia Ignition Mode kit with HLJ. The kit comes with chromed blade parts, which I was planning to swapped them over with Exia. Here's hoping that the Ignition Mode kit has the joint I wanted, and a relief that the ignition mode kit does not need to build the left arm, as I had intended to make it into Exia Repair kit lol...

*Update: I finally found that joint!!! I will be resuming work on Exia soon! XD*

Thirdly, as you have also seen in my previous post on my latest haul from HLJ, this package would be featuring most of the big ass kits including the newly released MG Sazabi Ver Ka and MG Perfect Zeong, which I had seen that it is huge lol... I will be un-boxing the MG Sazabi Ver Ka first once the package arrive, followed by the Gundam Head Collection Volume 4, then MG Perfect Zeong, MG Hi-Nu and lastly MG ReZEL. So stay tuned for that! XD

Lastly! I finally figured out how to use these blog labels function! Yes I'm kinda noob with blogging right now so just give me some bit of time to explore more of the functions which I believe it could be useful lol..

*Edit: I forgot to follow up on the recent plans of getting PG 00 Raiser and the MG Nu Gundam Titanium Finish. Well, due to my budget restrain I can't able to afford these expensive kits at the moment. So I have to either push it back to some other month or cancel it...

Anyway, that's about it for my updates. Have fun building! XD

- Vic

[MG] RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Full Psycho-Frame Prototype MS with Cage Part 03

Finishing up the MS Cage and do some posing XD

Btw, I'm not going to transform it into Destroy mode for this. I know it's awesome in destroy mode and stuffs like that but I like to display it in Unicorn mode for once, plus I have this MS Cage on top of that lol...

Friday, December 13, 2013

[MG] RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Full Psycho-Frame Prototype MS with Cage Part 01

Another Christmas gift (or belated bday gift???) from another friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous due to certain reason lol... But still, I want to thank him for this wonderful gift haha XD

This kit is supposed to be in "HD" color, but doesn't seems different from my first built Unicorn kit... It does include the Mobile Suit Cage for the Unicorn though lol

*Edit: I take that previous statement back. The white armor parts and it's inner frame parts looks even more shiny (not that shiny than the shiny gold of cos lol) than my first Unicorn kit. Yes I must definitely enjoy this one lol...*

Thursday, December 12, 2013

[MG] GN-001 Gundam Exia Celestial Being Mobile Suit Part 01

This is another gift from another friend (and also a colleague) of mine during one of the Xmas Present Exchange Exercise, as dubbed by him as well lol... This is my first time building kits from Gundam 00 anime series and on top of that I have watched it's 2nd season anime, so I'm gonna enjoy this kit =) I have seen many of these Gundam 00 series kits are able to house lots of LED units so I'm gonna enjoy that as well lol...

Gunpla TV - Special Edition - 1/100 MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka Unboxing - ...

I'm so excited about this...!!! It's coming out this Saturday *Friday* OMG LOL....!!!

- Vic

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[06] Misc Gundam Pose - RG Strike Freedom Vs RG Destiny XD

I have SD, MG and now RG of both Strike Freedom and Destiny lol... Not going to collect HG, but I could buy a PG Destiny if Bandai is willing to produce it lol

I will be taking a break from here and play my PC games XD I will be starting the MG Exia tomorrow lol...

- Vic

[RG] ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam With Wings of Light Effects Part 04

Finally able to apply most of the decals =D

That's the china brand wings of light effects... Although it's not as good as Bandai's original effect parts, but it's good enough for me lol...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[New] Metal Build Destiny Gundam Release Date 28 December 2013!

At first I didn't really know when is the exact release date for this in December 2013, until some kind person showed me a site with all the exact release dates of the items that are releasing. Thanks alot! =)

Personally, I was attracted by it's design and plus it's has some metal components in it. But however nice it is, this is probably my first and last time I would buy a metal build kits. The price of this metal build Destiny is one of the reason, but the main reason is that I misunderstood that metal build kits are actually pre-assembled. But however, my understanding from it was like some sort special MG kit that are metal build version.

Yes I am that noob (LOL!) and until when I do a search and chanced upon the metal build Exia Repair, only then I realized that it was already pre-assembled with swapping accessories. I felt kinda betrayed at first because I'm only interested in building kits, but afterwards I felt stupid because I didn't check it up beforehand lol

But anyway, I will still enjoy it when it arrive. I'll just make it do some nice poses lol...

Link to Gundam Guy blog post

Link to Tamashi Nation on product release dates

- Vic

Saturday, December 7, 2013

[RG] ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam With Wings of Light Effects Part 01

I had fun building RG Strike Freedom Kit. So I decided to get the RG Destiny Gundam kit as well. I don't know why, but when I have Strike Freedom or Destiny, I have the urge to buy vice versa too. Too bad Bandai did not produce a PG kit of Destiny lol...

I also bought the Wings of Light effect set specially for this kit. Yes, it's some China brand, but Bandai is selling them as P-Bandai exclusive, plus HLJ doesn't deal with those, and only GG Infinite (based in USA) are selling them, but I'm not really keen to get it due to their expensive shipping fees too lol
Not going to show it's inner frame again.

You already seen the RG Strike Freedom's inner frames, plus it's roughly the same thing lol...

And yes, I will apply decals like what I did for RG Strike Freedom lol...