Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[New] Metal Build Destiny Gundam Release Date 28 December 2013!

At first I didn't really know when is the exact release date for this in December 2013, until some kind person showed me a site with all the exact release dates of the items that are releasing. Thanks alot! =)

Personally, I was attracted by it's design and plus it's has some metal components in it. But however nice it is, this is probably my first and last time I would buy a metal build kits. The price of this metal build Destiny is one of the reason, but the main reason is that I misunderstood that metal build kits are actually pre-assembled. But however, my understanding from it was like some sort special MG kit that are metal build version.

Yes I am that noob (LOL!) and until when I do a search and chanced upon the metal build Exia Repair, only then I realized that it was already pre-assembled with swapping accessories. I felt kinda betrayed at first because I'm only interested in building kits, but afterwards I felt stupid because I didn't check it up beforehand lol

But anyway, I will still enjoy it when it arrive. I'll just make it do some nice poses lol...

Link to Gundam Guy blog post

Link to Tamashi Nation on product release dates

- Vic

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