Saturday, January 18, 2014

[MG] RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Full Psycho Frame MS Titanium Finish Ver

I have been searching for this kit for many months, ever since I bought the Banshee Titanium finish kit. I looked everywhere but the price offered was way off my budget (SGD$600+) so I KIV it until last week I went to surf eBay and found one seller selling this at SGD$380, and also the cheapest I can find. So I bought it off lol...

I'm going to build this in Destroy mode cos firstly I built this a lot previously so there's no need for me to build it in Unicorn mode and secondly, I'm still scared to do it's transformation when all the part joints are so freaking tight!

The eBay seller included this white marker for me to cover the nub marks...

The joints connecting the legs and waist is very tight when I tried to put in more force to push it in. And now I can't do any flying pose because it's too tight to the point of not able to rotate it's legs anymore... Anyway, this is pretty much an "antique" given the fact that Bandai already discontinued this production so I must buy a display case for this soon.

- Vic

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  1. if you move the transforming bits before you put on the armor a couple times it should loosen up and transforming should be easier