Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Updates from me XD

I recently had some inspirations for my Holy Set kits, but I'm currently out of paint and still lack of proper tools!!! Well, I had been busy with my studies plus Chinese New Year is around the corner so I didn't really touch much on them. But I did some planning for my Wing Gundam Proto Zero in terms of it's paint job last week, and I proudly named it as "Holy Wing Proto Zero" project. Sounds great right lol...

Besides that, I had also plans to do more paint jobs for 2 more kits, also Holy theme. But currently the kits needed were not yet available so there's nothing much for me to do except to give them a name each for these 2 upcoming projects. Tentatively for now, I'm naming them as "Holy ReZEL Guard" and "Holy Unicorn Emperor" project respectively. From the names you should know what kit I'm intending to use so I won't elaborate too much on that lol...

Custom paint jobs aside, I finally made a decision to buy this.

Yup... You are not dreaming. This is real LOL! I really bought this even though I know it's not Bandai product but it was too awesome and tempting to make me buy it lol... I really want to build it but as I said earlier, I'm still lacking of proper tools and stuffs, so to make up for that, I have order a number of hobby tools from HLJ. Once my last order has been paid, I will be compiling everything I had in my Private Warehouse and ship them off to my home by next Monday so I can get things started after Chinese New Year lol...

So that's about it for now. I will busy this week so I might not post anything on this blog unless something great (Like the Unicorn Phenex) was announce lol

So here's wishing everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year!!! XD

- Vic

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