Friday, January 10, 2014

[Updatge 10 Jan 2014] Latest Haul From HLJ for January 2014

First post made in Year 2014! XD

To begin with, before touching on my Force Impulse, I'm shipping out my remaining items in Private Warehouse as they have been kept in there for quite too long. And I must also apologize that I didn't take any pics of my last shipment as the package went straight to my workplace (as requested by me due to conveniently gather my friends' birthday presents) on Monday and so it was kinda rush when I went to open it first and get those that are mine (mainly the ReZEL Commander, Force Impulse and Hobby Japan Jan 2014 magazine) before going back home yesterday.

But anyway, here's the last batch of items that was bought in Year 2013 XD

So this time, this ReZEL Type C is mine, and I got another Beargguy, which is for my friend's birthday present which I will move it back there, and another Wing Gundam Proto Zero that I wanted to do some spray painting on.

And so that concludes my stuffs for Year 2013, and I'll be ready to receive whatever new kits that are releasing in Year 2014, with Gundam Build Fighters series MG kits to start off with lol...

*Update 2 Jan 2014: The folks at HLJ are currently taking their break and will be resuming back to business on 6th January 2014. So I'm guessing that my shipment will arrive somewhere on the 8 Jan... Anyway, no hurry for me as long as I have cleared out those outstanding stuffs that has been hold up in my Private Warehouse for too long lol...*

*Update 10 Jan 2014: Finally it has shipped out lol... Will be receiving it next Monday lol...

- Vic

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