Sunday, January 19, 2014

[MG] GN-001 Gundam Exia Ignition Mode Celestial Being MS Part 01

I watched Gundam 00 recently, mostly it's 2nd season, and let's just say I have some great interest in Exia and whatever variations it has. This kit is pretty much another Exia, added with chrome silver parts for it's GN Blades and stuffs but the main thing of this kit is that it also includes parts that allows you to make Exia into Exia Repair kit. So for this kit I'm making an Exia Repair instead lol...

Note: Obviously I have not done panel lining for this kit. Tomorrow or maybe in the later days I will work on it and the rest.

This kit included 2 LED Units for the GN Drive. But sadly my coin batteries are dying lol...

Exia Repaired Body

Exia Repaired Head

Exia Repaired Right Arm. Left arm is being replaced with this cloak

This looks mysterious or something lol...

My Uni school term is starting tomorrow onwards, every Monday and Tuesday, plus my physical training in army camp every Wednesday will be keeping me busy from building Gunplas. Busy as I may be, I will still find time to build them whenever I can.

- Vic

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