Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Updates!

1 month passed by so fast, and I once again apologise for my late updating, again =.='''

Anyway, some updates. As you have seen my previous post that I did a custom paint job on SD Winning Gundam as part of the DMS project. Apart that I temporary break away from the MG kits that I usually do my paint job on, this one is to put my painting skills on a crash test (very quick test) and I also introduced the use of masking tape to paint certain parts a different color on the same piece. While the outcome for my first try is not so bad, I think I might have made certain pieces sharper points or some minor out of range due to my poor masking technique. Anyway, I had fun learning new stuffs, so I would try to work on that when I had the chance.

As I'm still busy with my studies (exams is coming), my next upcoming DMS project would involves the Hi-Nu and it's HWS pack. More money to spent on paints again lol... and as for my GBWC entry, I decided to change my entry kit to one of my DMS project kit as my competition entry as it's more safer than my initial kit (Too many experimental stuffs going on in that kit) but not to worry, the materials that I bought previously will still be used. And this DMS project kit involves another Emperor. I did said in my previous post that my DMS project will have two Emperors right? lol...

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the Puchigguy to be release in HLJ, and I finally made the decision to pre-order the PG Unicorn FA expansion. This one's going to be massive lol...

That's about it for this month. I will update again next month =)

- Vic

Sunday, April 12, 2015

[Completed][SD] DMS-02SD 'Dark Star' Star Winning Gundam Painted Build - [Updated 12th April 2015]

Project Name:
DMS-02SD Dark Star

- Dark Beam Rifle w/ Blade x1
- Dark Boomerang Blade x2
- Dark Beam Funnel x4

Special Ability (Normal mode):
- Flight mode (Able to transform into flight mode while retaining abilities)
- Boomerang Throw (Throws Boomerang Blade to slash or pin down opponents)
- Dark Burst (Concentrate all firepower on a single target. Can be use on any ability)
- Corrupted Faith (Transforms into Real Mode)

Special Ability (Real Mode):
- Dark Star Beam (Fires concentrated amount of energy from it's V-fin. Able to use with Dark Burst)

I took a short break from my GBWC build, studying, playing games and stuffs, but mainly, I already had some vague ideas for my DMS projects kits which involves the Star Winning Gundam. This is the first time for me to introduce a SD kit into my project to work on, a break away from my MG kit-only rule, and I was hoping to find some inspirations and ideas for my GBWC kit through this.

List of Tamiya Spray Paint used:
- TS-06 Matt Black (For main armor parts)
- TS-85 Bright Mica Red (For selected armor parts)
- TS-38 Gun Metal (For Darkened Internal Frame, certain parts)
- Tamiya Surface Primer Light Grey (For base coat)

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics!