Sunday, June 26, 2016

[Completed][HG] Petitgguy Mass Production Version Exclusive

Another exclusive kit that was sold at Gunpla Expo 2016 at Singapore Takashimaya Shopping Center lol.. No WIP pics so showing just the completed kit, as this is a very quick build lol..

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[Completed][HG] Beargguy III (San) Ver 囍 Exclusive

I bought this exclusive kit from Gunpla Expo few weeks back.. Managed to finished this and the exclusive Petitgguy too lol.. No pose for this (I have done enough for the Beargguys) though haha..

I have bought a few more kits on the last few days of the Expo, but won't be touching some of them very soon lol..

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gunpla Expo & GBWC 2016 at Singapore's Takashimaya Shopping Mall

This year's Gunpla Expo is taking place at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 1st June to 26 June 2016! I went last Saturday, took some pictures of most of the kits using my new Samsung S7 Edge phone and also bought the HG Beargguy III Double Happiness version haha..

I will be going back there again soon to take more pics and the this year's GBWC kits as well and buying the HG Puchigguy Mass Production version too.

*Note: Each contestants GBWC kits pics are up!

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These are taken on the first time last Saturday 11th June.. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

[Completed][1/100] Graze (Standard or Commander Type) - [Updated 6th June 2016]

The first Graze as seen in IBO anime series lol.. I intended to do some painting for this but just didn't have the time to do so.. So I decided to just do a straight build it..

Noticed that there are some parts which were meant for the Barbatos kits, I could make all the various forms lol.. Also like the Schwalbe Graze, this Graze also have some parts that the Barbatos could use. We'll see how it goes, when I start my Barbatos painted build "soon" haha..

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