Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gunpla Expo & GBWC 2016 at Singapore's Takashimaya Shopping Mall

This year's Gunpla Expo is taking place at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 1st June to 26 June 2016! I went last Saturday, took some pictures of most of the kits using my new Samsung S7 Edge phone and also bought the HG Beargguy III Double Happiness version haha..

I will be going back there again soon to take more pics and the this year's GBWC kits as well and buying the HG Puchigguy Mass Production version too.

*Note: Each contestants GBWC kits pics are up!

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

These are taken on the first time last Saturday 11th June.. 

The Expo limited edition kits~

The big statue in the center lol..

RG Sinanju is is being displayed too.. To be release in August 2016..

And some behind the scenes of making Gunpla lol..

Went on the second time with my friends on 12th June, mainly to take pictures of the GBWC kits..

Merlion Gundam custom build recently added to the Gardens by the Bay landscape..

GBWC SG 2015 Junior category winner

GBWC SG 2015 Open category winner

And we have some new stuffs coming up lol..

- Vic

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