Tuesday, August 11, 2015

[Completed][MG] MSM-04 Acguy Principality of Zeon Amphibious MS - [Updated 11th August 2015]

I bought this kit at SG Docks At Takashimaya shopping center last time, but I was preoccupied with all the previous few build I did so it got ended up in my backlog. Now that I finished building them, I can now start to build this kit.

This kit is the so-called Beargguy's predecessor, except that it's in MG size lol... Although the kit was released many years ago, it comes with it's own base stand and water effect parts (as this MS can go underwater lol) and three little kids figurines that stands on top of Acguy's head.

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Updates!

Hi all! Sorry for not updating, especially for last month July =( I was busy with my National Day Parade rehearsals on the weekends and back to playing online games with my friends again and also back to school lol, hence there's very few updates for month of July. Anyway, I'm skipping July updates as there's not much things to cover, just only completed the RG Wing Zero and MG Wing Gundam Rinascita kits. Not much news on the GBWC either as I'm still waiting for confirmation mail from Sheng Tai Toys (distributer or supplier, I dunno...) and I highly doubt that I can take part this year as Singapore's GBWC dates could clash with my NS reservist which I'm very worried of. If it really comes to this situation, I just hope I can still take part while in reservist. If not, I might have to withdraw my submission and wait for next year's GBWC =( But then again, by the time next year's GBWC is being prepared, I could work on another kit which is also going to be a DMS project kit.

That aside, there's also not much things to highlight for this month, except for the release of MG Amazing Red Warrior and the SD Kurenai Musha Amazing, which both of them were from the Gundam Build Fighters Try series. September next month would be a rather more of a happening month, as I await for the PG Unicorn Banshee Norn and I'm planning to buy another display cabinet again lol... So I would be looking forward to September and probably I would have more to update in this blog lol..

- Vic