Tuesday, August 11, 2015

[Completed][MG] MSM-04 Acguy Principality of Zeon Amphibious MS - [Updated 11th August 2015]

I bought this kit at SG Docks At Takashimaya shopping center last time, but I was preoccupied with all the previous few build I did so it got ended up in my backlog. Now that I finished building them, I can now start to build this kit.

This kit is the so-called Beargguy's predecessor, except that it's in MG size lol... Although the kit was released many years ago, it comes with it's own base stand and water effect parts (as this MS can go underwater lol) and three little kids figurines that stands on top of Acguy's head.

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

*Updated 11th August 2015: Sorry for the late updates! I had actually completed this kit a few days back and also took some pose pics too. Here it is...

Next up, PG Unicorn Banshee next month! =D

- Vic

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