Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Completed][SD] BB Kuremai Musha Red Warrior Amazing Lady Kawaguchi's MS - [Updated 24th September 2015]

Been quite a while there lol.. Now I'm sort of back to building, starting with this SD kit from Build Fighters Try series. Next few weeks later, We'll be expecting the PG Unicorn Banshee Norn and a few other smaller stuffs lol =D

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics!

*Updated 13th September 2015: It's completed yesterday, just that I forgot to post it up lol... I will take some pose pics later in the afternoon...

Updated 24th September 2015: Sorry for the delay! I had taken the pose pics, but forgot to upload them to my busy work schedule =(

Convert some parts into a mobile cannon XD

And there you have it! I'm still waiting for the PG Banshee Norn, but meanwhile, I have something to build up next finally lol..

- Vic

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