Thursday, September 24, 2015

September Blog Updates

Here we are with another updates for this month =)

Well, to start off, I had move on with my job and taken on a new job role (same company), so I was busy with the handover / takeover last week after I came back from my NS reservist 2 weeks ago. And now this week I'm in the midst of adapting to my new work environment which is quite challenging but I gladly take it on lol... So I may be semi-inactive on building my kits, Not quitting, just being slowed down on the building lol...

Next thing, next upcoming kit (after Shin Musha Gundam kit) I'm still waiting for the PG Banshee Norn. And I might consider getting the Armed Armor VN and BS parts, which unfortunately it's a P-Bandai thing, but probably just wait when HAG/HAW open for pre-order... It shouldn't be expensive than the Unicorn's Full Armor set I hope. And lastly, I'm also hoping to get the MG Amazing Red Warrior, which I cancelled the order from HLJ last month due to my budget constraints.

Lastly, my kit got shortlisted for this year GBWC! So currently I'm still waiting for more info from the distributor Sheng Tai Toys on when and where GBWC is held, but most likely it would be together with the upcoming Gunpla Expo as well. More pics to take too lol.. My Darkness Mobile Suit project is currently on hold for now, also due to budget constraints lol...

That's all for this month. We'll see if there's anything to talk about next month lol..

- Vic

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