Monday, October 5, 2015

[Completed][MG] Shin Musha Gundam - [Updated 5th October 2015]

I got this kit as a gift from my colleagues friends whom I worked with in school (workplace) and I had moved on to work on my new job role. All the thank you messages were at the back. Awww... =')

Back to the main topic, This kit is based on RX78-2 Gundam, added on with some samurai armor and designs lol.. And according to the manuals which I had flipped through, the legs caught my interest as it was made a single movable frame on the runner, like what we would normally see with those movable frames from the RG kits. This could be interesting build lol...

Click on 'Read More' to view more pics! XD

*Updated 29th September 2015: Sorry for the delay! I worked on building the legs first as I was excited of it's RG look-a-like internal frame parts. Some screws to secure the knee area, overall, they're great. Next few days I will work on the upper body..

*Updated 1st October 2015: Moving on to the Head and Body, they are quite fast as they are mostly just some large snap in parts.. I'm building this kit up part by part, not intending to apply most of the decals..

*Updated 5th October 2015: Finally completed everything, Arms, weapons, the lot lol.. Moving on to poses lol...

Now I can move on my next kit, which had just arrived today lol...


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