Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Updates!

Yay.. Finally I can actually post an update for this month early =D My new workplace so far is good, although can be quite a bit hectic but I'm still learning the ropes which is good too lol.. My exams is also coming round the corner too, most likely happening next month. But there might be a high chance that I might drop out of it, given that my GPA score isn't that delightful.. Not that I didn't care, I just couldn't juggle around most of the things that I really wanted to. Perhaps a short term upgrade course would be more suitable for me than a university degree..

Anyway, back to the main topic, which is Gundam of cos lol.. The newest Gundam series, the Iron Blooded Orphans has started airing on YouTube two weeks ago and I've watched both of the episodes they released and so far it is good, kinda more better than Gundam Reconguista in G, which I still totally no clue what the whole story is about lol... But anyway, I would recommend watching it, but as for the kits, I'm still having some mixed feelings about it, but nevermind lol..

Gunpla Expo 2015 would be officially held from 28th October to 8th November 2015 at Serangoon Nex  shopping mall (below poster). Also along the way is the GBWC 2015 which I'm participating for the first time. Sheng Tai Toys, the distributer for Bandai's Gunpla products, has notified us contestants to go to Nex on the 27th October 2015 to setup our entries there. Like I said, I'm not there to win, just to gain some experience and learn from it lol.. so excited about this event lol...

That's all for this month. Next few months I would be expecting HG Super Fumina and PG Banshee Armed Armor VN & BS parts (around November maybe) and Metal Build Strike Freedom which is in December to end it off for year 2015 lol..

- Vic

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