Monday, June 6, 2016

[Completed][1/100] Graze (Standard or Commander Type) - [Updated 6th June 2016]

The first Graze as seen in IBO anime series lol.. I intended to do some painting for this but just didn't have the time to do so.. So I decided to just do a straight build it..

Noticed that there are some parts which were meant for the Barbatos kits, I could make all the various forms lol.. Also like the Schwalbe Graze, this Graze also have some parts that the Barbatos could use. We'll see how it goes, when I start my Barbatos painted build "soon" haha..

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

*Updated 24th May 2016: Proceeded to do apply the armor parts for the upper body.. Quite some panel lining for this kit lol.. The head armor is interchangeable by the way.. But I will be using the the Commander type Graze Would be nicer lol..

*Updated 26th May 2016: Continuing to finish up the lower body armor parts and it's simple backpack, which I realized that I can choose between the Ground or Space type backpack lol..

Dun mind me doing silly poses out of boredom hahaha...

Ground type backpack

Space type backpack

*Updated 5th June 2016: Managed to finished up the weapons, and also did many poses for this kit with all the weapons from my Schwable Graze. Bear in mind that all the weapons in IBO series are able to be held by almost all the kits, so I'm intending to keep them and use them back for IBO kits lol..

*Update: No images at the moment as my PC is having issues and I need to change my hard disk by end of this month..*

*Update: Pics are up.. Sorry for the wait.. =) *

Parts for making Barbatos 2nd form...

since the weapons were universal, I made the Graze wield two rifles lol..

And if double rifles aren't enough, how about double axes? Haha..

And that's about it for Graze.. I'm keeping most of the weapons for my painted build Barbatos kit for future poses, so do keep a lookout for it haha XD

- Vic

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