Sunday, April 17, 2016

[Completed][1/100] Mcgillis's Schwalbe Graze [Updated 17th April 2016]

I decided to put my paint job plan for 1/100 Barbatos aside first and went ahead to build this Schwalbe Graze kit. I do have the normal Graze kit but that would wait if I have the time to do something better to enhance it lol.. This will be my third (Barbatos is the second) kit to in the IBO series and I really like it alot. I know there's the 1/100 Kimaris, Grimgerde and Graze Custom coming up, but I will probably wait till I finish my backlog first lol..

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

I screwed up the decals for it's mono-eye a bit.. I was trying to cut out the black area so that it fits in nicely lol..

*Updated 17th April 2016: Moving on the rest of the armor parts.. This Graze kit is really nice to work on with. and I also forgot to mention that some of the parts from this kit can be reused by Gundam Barbatos kit to build the various different forms that was shown on the anime series.

I have a rough idea of what I could do with the Barbatos kit that I'm going to spray paint, and probably proceed on to build my normal Graze with great interest.. These kits form the IBO series is really very interesting so far, even if they're only 1/100 scale..

- Vic

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