Monday, January 13, 2014

Latest Arrival from HLJ... And Finally... That One Package I Was Waiting For As Well!!!

Firstly, let's talk about the stuffs I got form HLJ haha =P click "Read More" to view more contents XD

Yes... Wing Gundam Proto Zero, Beargguy III and ReZEL Type C are repeated kits. I do have some plans to customize Proto Zero's color scheme, and Beargguy III is just purely cleaning the nubs, top coat, get a display case, put in some cute decorations (to fit in nicely with this cute bear lol) and finally, ReZEL Type C is mine to build. The previous one is intended for my friend's birthday present lol...

And here's the main thing I got as well XD

The Unicorn Gundam Titanium Finish Ver Ka, which was discontinued many years ago, and it's finally in my possession! =D I got this one from eBay at SGD$380 and the seller paid for the postage fees (it was sent via EMS) so I only paid for the kit itself. Expensive? Yes, but at least it's not like other sellers who are selling it at a freaking SGD$600+ price!

And above all, this seller is thoughtful. He even included a white gundam marker to cover the nub marks and left me a very nice note. How very polite of him to do that =D

So I will work on ReZEL Type C as promised and said previously, then I will work on this Unicorn Gundam next lol...

- Vic

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