Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[HG] Beargguy III(San) Build Fighter China Kousaka Custom Made MS

This was a Christmas present given by another friend of mine. He gave me this and SD Hi-Nu together lol... And personally I like this kit alot, but for now Bandai only has HG kit of this cute teddy bear, so here's hoping that they release this as MG kit lol...

This is the one kit that I fully focused on removing the nub marks and panel line it as best as possible. And this is also the kit to marked the end of Year 2013. I will be starting work on my next kit on the first day of Year 2014 haha...

The first time seeing the cutest backpack unit LOL!

A spare face, and lots of spare eyes lol

Looks cute lol... It's kinda a bit big for a HG kit...

Cute-ness mode activated XD

Ears can twitch front and back lol

Fury mode activated! XD

Wing Gundam Proto Zero wanna-be =P

So this will be my last kit for the Year 2013. I will start off on the next kit which is the MG Force Impulse to kick start Year 2014 lol... As for ReZEL, I'm waiting to ship my other ReZEL Type C so that I can do all three (ReZEL, ReZEL Commander and ReZEL Type C)  at once lol...


- Vic

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