Saturday, December 21, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi "Ver. Ka" Char Aznable's MS for New Type Part 02

Today I was planning to do spray painting under the void deck of my block. But because I forgot to pass the school gate keys back to my colleague, I had to go back early in the morning to open the gates and also brought my MG Sazabi along with the spray paint cans so that I can do over there.

That's what I called efficiency lol... Of course I cleared up the area I was working at after I finished spray painting lol... I was actually out with my other colleagues the entire day today so I only managed to finished up panel lining all the red parts and pieced the head and body. As usual practice when dealing with my competition kit, I'm not joining the parts together for now, as I'm planning to apply the water slide decals and I find it easier to apply it when it's in separate parts.

Finally no more yellow color lol...

Gun metal color...

Same for this too lol..

This body can house a LED unit. when I'm done applying decals, then I will show that...

I noticed that for the head, in order to have the lit-up mono-eye, the physical cockpit (with Char seated in it) has now become an optional part. Not sure how that would go but probably I could do something when making some poses lol...

- Vic

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