Friday, December 27, 2013

"New" Sazabi Ver Ka Vs "Old" Sazabi Metallic Coating Version

I'm doing a simple comparison in terms of both Sazabi(s) various parts and stuffs. Of course obviously there are huge differences between them and to start things off, the water slide decals on the old Sazabi were a few pieces, like around 20 more or less, whereas Sazabi Ver Ka has total of 152 decals, where majority of them were all the small details!

Let's start off with the boxes, shall we? Lol...

As you can see, the new box is taller lol...

But in terms of length and thickness, it's still the same lol...

Now let's take a look at the kits. Sazabi Ver Ka images on the left, Sazabi Metallic Coating at the right.

Sazabi Left Arm

Sazabi Left Hand

Sazabi Legs

Sazabi Backpack

Sazabi Funnels

Sazabi Shield

Sazabi Beam Shot Gun
Ver Ka's Beam Shot Gun is much longer and bigger than the older one..
Sazabi Beam Tomahawk
Obviously there's a huge difference in both of these Tomahawks lol...

There you have it, a simple comparison of these two Sazabi(s). Whether new or old, I'm loving them both, given the fact that this old Sazabi was built using only scissor and nail clip and all decals done up using my finger tip to slide them in place back then lol...

Alright, time to move on to MG Perfect Zeong now lol!

- Vic 

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