Sunday, June 28, 2015

[MG] DMS-01HE 'Dark Emperor Stein' Sinanju Painted Build for GBWC 2015 [Updated 28th June 2015]

Project Name:
DMS-01HE Dark Emperor Stein

- Corrupted Beam Blade w/ Shield x2
- Corrupted Beam Rifle x1
- Corrupted Chains x2 
- Corrupted Beam Saber x2

Special Ability
- Sharpshooter (Long range attack from Corrupted Beam Rifle)
- Blades of Corruption (From Corrupted Beam Blade w/ Shield)
- Chains of Fury (Chain attack that binds opponents)

For now, this whole kit is classified. Currently having vague ideas and penning down some points... only will be revealed when it's nearing year end GBWC is nearing lol...

Arise! The birth of the next Dark Emperor for the DMS project has risen! The terrible consequence falls upon the Holy Knight Stein when he attempted to equip the Holy Star Booster onto him, hoping that it could increase his power to defeat the Dark Arch Mage. This kit has been thrown forward to coincides with this year's GBWC, and this will be my competition entry.

List of Tamiya Spray Paint used:
- TS-21 Gold (Corrupted Internal Frame)
- TS-06 Matt Black (Primary color, for main armor parts)
- TS-85 Bright Mica Red (Secondary color, for selected armor parts)
- TS-42 Light Gun Metal (For selected weapon and Corrupted Internal Frame)

List of kits & materials used:
- Sinanju as base unit
- Additional Shield from another Sinanju
- Head from Sinanju Stein
- CJ Metal Parts for Sinanju
- Gold chains (fake gold obviously lol..) from hardware shops

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

Note: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post my WIP pics here but I will just post a few of the initial ones and then hold on the rest during the mid-way of the build until I submitted my entry... Or I will just check on the rules and regulation again and will see how lol...

Silhouette of Sinanju

*Updated 1st May 2015: I had completed gathering all the parts from other kits, dissembling them and separate them out for spray painting...

*Updated 29th May 2015: Name and details has been updated and the kit has been revealed lol...

*Updated 8th June 2015: For the past few days I had been separating the armor parts from the runners which I had completed doing that yesterday. So tomorrow I will be doing spray painting for the armor parts and the weapon parts for color testing. I had ran of Gun Metal color (everywhere also ran out lol) so I had to replace with Light Gun Metal which is supposing much lighter in color.

*Updated 9th June 2015: I hadn't posted any pics up here, yet. I do have pics taken for this kit and it's WIPs, but I'm kinda sticking to the rules that I followed during HLJ's Playing with Plamo competition last year. I know GBWC rules didn't state that but I'm just doing it just in case. So do forgive me if I don't post any pics.

But in the meantime, I had spray painted all of the main armor parts, and even went ahead to complete the Dark Emperor Stein's Dual Shield Blade and the Beam Rifle for color testing. Turns out to be real great so I'm sticking to that for now lol.. I had also implement the use of metal parts for this kit so expect more drilling again and more sacrifices of the pegs which those metal parts can't fit in..

*Updated 10th June 2015: Finally done separating the inner frame parts from the runners and I had also made some adjustments in my color plans as well, which resulted in lack of Light Gun Metal color. No worries, I could go there and get some more again and maybe buy some Flat Matt top coat as well along the way lol.. Now that this kit is pretty much complete (after spray paint and building), I should think up of some diorama for this. Not too complicated, just wanted to get the basic foundation up for GBWC, and from there I could improvise it after GBWC and reviews.

*Updated 12th June 2015: I had been building this kit for the past two days and it's currently almost complete, need to do top coating and it's pretty much done for this kit. What's left to do now is to come up a basic and simple diorama and fixed a pose. I still have time to plan this out as the GBWC for Singapore hasn't open for registration yet.

*Updated 21st June 2015: I came up with this preview picture of my work, together with my Holy Knight Stein in front. Of course the main focus is this kit that I currently build lol.. Finally a new picture in this post haha...

*Updated 28th June 2015: the foundation of the custom base stand is done. Don't be too hopeful cos it's just a simple base stand with some cut-out styrofoam blocks draped with some cloth, and a simple plaque with a simple description of my build lol...

- Vic


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    1. Almost lol.. The Sinanju is the base unit for my custom job, I'm planning to add on a few more things to it..