Monday, June 1, 2015

[Completed][HG] Petitgguy Burning Red, Lightning Blue, Winning Yellow & Future Pink - [Updated 1st June 2015]

These cute little bears are so cute that I had to get them as a set. They are sold separately however but it's only fitting to get them as a set lol... Also each of them have a small puzzle piece stand and stickers for their eyes and nose. Bandai gave like three pairs of eyes and 4 noses in each of them, probably is to let you have more spare stickers of those lol...

These Petitgguys can be seen during the ending credits of Gundam Build Fighters Try Season 2 (second half onwards of the episodes I think). Their names are 'Burning Red', 'Lightning Blue', ' Winning Yellow' and 'Future Pink'. They are fast to build, so I probably do one per day lol... Overall, they are so cute...!!!
Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

Starting off with Burning Red lol... Tomorrow I will do Lightning Blue lol..

*Updated 30th May 2015: Lightning Blue completed lol... Tomorrow Winning Yellow next lol..

*Updated 31st May 2015: Done with Winning Yellow, moving to the last Petitgguy tomorrow, which is Future Pink lol...

*Updated 1st June 2015: Future Pink completed! I will put them together and take some pics with it later tonight.

Well, I'm back earlier than I thought, so might as well pose some pics, and also use my turn table for a bit, which was lucky I decided that cos the battery was unusable and nearly damage it's internal circuit lol.. Video's up at the top of the post by the way..

And that's all for these cute fellows! I should start planning and get to work on my GBWC entry. Not much free time to do it these days.. Might probably do it at my workplace when I'm on leave the whole of next week lol...

- Vic


  1. How much you buy for each petit Bearguy?

    1. I bought from HLJ for 500 yen (about SGD$6) each not including the shipping fee..