Friday, May 29, 2015

May Blog Updates!

Finally some free time to post up some updates lol... As usual I'm busy with work, exams are over and I'm currently volunteering for the marching contingent training for National Day Parade which I would be occupied for all the Saturdays till 9th August 2015. Anyway, personal life aside, as you know it I had just completed applying the decals for my PG Unicorn Full Armor parts kit and will be in the midst of applying top coating. I would be using the gloss coat this time round for this as I had lots of those that I had not use so I might as well use it all up. Probably I could able to finish it by this Sunday and do the assembly next week or something.

Next, it's been quite a long time since I had any hauls from HLJ lol.. this month I got some sizable stuffs, two kits for my DMS project, and 4 HG kits. Here they are lol...

Yup.. these four cute little bears and those two DMS project kits lol.. I also gotten myself another RG kit from HAW which is this,

I always wanted to get it, but it's either not enough budget or no stock lol.. But I managed to get it at discounted price so it's all good lol... And up next on the next future release I'm waiting for this,

MGGundam Fenice Rinascita kit from Gundam Build Fighters releasing next month in June 2015 lol.. There's also another kit also from GBF (Season 2) is the MG Amazing Red Warrior. No box art yet as it was only being recently revealed, but I will wait and see on that lol.. And last but not least, a Metal Build Strike Freedom has been announced! I was excited about this one as in my previous post (probably somewhere in some groups) I mentioned that it would be great for Bandai to make a Metal Build SF to go along with it's Metal Build Destiny. Another great battle scene lol... Alright that's enough of all news and stuffs and back to my updates lol..

Lastly for my DMS project, I would be starting work on the Sinanju first, and this would be my competition entry for GBWC 2015. And the name for it? I will update my old post which I believe it has already been buried deep in my bunch of old posts lol.. As I said probably a few times already, I'm entering the competition just to get some exposure, experience and the fun of it. I'm not really serious about winning but still will put in lots of effort in my build no matter what. Winning or losing to me is just secondary objective. If I really win, well good for me lol.. If not, better luck next time lol..

That's all for my updates! I will update again next month, hopefully earlier or again later as always lol...

- Vic

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