Friday, May 8, 2015

[Completed][MG] PPGN-001 Gundam Exia Dark Matter PPSE Works Custom Made MS [Updated 8th May 2015]

Finally I gotten this kit... You could say this was the originator of my DMS project, but I wanted to do a Holy version of this kit, but that would be another story some time in future lol..

Build by the great Meijin Kawaguchi (modified by PPSE works) from Gundam Build Fighters anime series, I really like the looks of this kit and it's backpack unit which is a bird-like weapon lol...

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics!

Updated 2nd May 2015: Managed to build some parts first.. I really wanted to turn this into a Holy kit so badly, but I have to wait unfortunately until my outstanding custom paint job kits are done... I have also got the chance to try out the pink (or red) LED unit that I bought as well. It doesn't really look any different (as the clear parts were already red) but hopefully this would be alright for my Dark Mage or Dark Arch Mage.

Pink (or red.. whatever..) LED unit.. Not from Bandai btw...

Updated 3rd May 2015: Exams is around the corner once again, so I'm speeding up my work a little bit more faster this time.. And tomorrow I'll be working on the backpack unit and it's weapons soon. I won't be putting them together first as I wanted to apply the decals on first.

*Updated 4th May 2015: Today I had completed the Dark Matter Booster. Quite an impressive backpack this is lol.. Tomorrow I will work on the weapons, and if I have time, I will apply the decals. If not, I will save it for another day lol..

Updated: 5th May 2015: I have completed all the weapons, though I probably won't be using the remaining two GN Blades and the GN Shield. I have also finished applying the decals on it. Tomorrow I might have time for it to do some posing.

*Updated 8th May 2015: My exams is around the corner. So I took some quick shots of my Exia Dark Matter to conclude this build...

After my exams over (which is next Monday 18th May), I would be going back to my PG Unicorn again, this time introducing the Full Armor parts set which is due to arrive anytime soon next week.

- Vic


  1. How did you put the led on the gb drive? And where did you get one?

    1. The LED unit is a separate item, not included in this kit. You can get it from most hobby shops as long as it is this as shown in the link =)

  2. How did you put the led on the gb drive? And where did you get one?