Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[New] Nu Gundam Titanium Finish & Sazabi Ver. Ka

I was really looking forward to Sazabi Ver. Ka kit as I already owned one that is metallic coating version. I was hoping they would consider releasing Sazabi in titanium finish as well and guess what? They announced that the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka will be releasing a titanium finish version of it!

I was actually wanting to buy the normal Nu gundam Ver. Ka for quite some time and I kept thinking whether I should get it or not during the Gunpla Expo last time as it was selling at SGD$90... I guess it came just in time so I will just get the titanium finish version instead haha =D

Links from Gundam Guy blog post

Nu Gundam Titanium Finish Ver. Ka

Sazabi Ver. Ka (On display at Gunpla Expo 2013 @ the Philippnes)

Links from Hobby Link Japan

Sazabi Ver. Ka (Releasing in December 2013)

Nu Gundam Titanium Finish Ver. Ka (Releasing in November 2013)

- Vic

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