Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[MG] MSN-001A1 Delta Plus E.F.S.F Transformable MS Prototype Part 01

My Unicorn series BB kits had arrived today, but unfortunately my parents were not at home to receive it so the postman left me a note asking me to collect it the next day at the post office. So to say, I had to suspense my anticipation to get my hands on the BB kits which I kinda hate it but no choice.. So I just started work on my Delta Plus kit right away, plus I also promised before to show off this kit and the unboxing of it =)

No plans for spray painting this, so I do plenty of panel line...

I will be finishing the rest of it by this Friday... And hoping I could able to transform this Delta Plus into Waverider mode without breaking anything....

- Vic

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