Sunday, October 13, 2013

[PG] ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam Part 03

Parts 3 covers the remaining parts of the PG Strike Freedom building and some pose pics of it XD

Dragoon fins loaded...

Finally it's completed XD

Comparasion between MG Strike Freedom and PG Strike Freedom...

MG SF: "Father???" TROLOLOLOLOL~!!!

Peek inside the cockpit...

Strike Freedom holding Kira Yamato on it's hands...

I had fun building this kit. This entire kit comprises only plastic parts (except to the LED compartment and one screw) and it can actually hold up everything really nice and sturdy. I wanted to do a pose showing Strike Freedom holding the standing character Kira Yamato in a kneeling position, holding the long beam rifle. But alas the wings were kind of in my way and I didn't have space in my display cabinet if I do so, plus I have more kits to put in there (I will talk about that in awhile). So I ended up doing this pose instead but it's still good =)

And now it's placed into my display cabinet, and I have more space to put in one more PG kit perhaps? I do have my sights set on PG 00 Raiser kit though... ;)

- Vic

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