Monday, October 7, 2013

[MG] MSN-06S Sinanju

Honestly speaking, I never watch a single Gundam anime for my whole life, till when I bought the Banshee, I decided to watch the Unicorn Gundam Anime series which is nice. And since then I have been following it till now waiting for it's last episode 'Over the Rainbow'.

Back to the kit, I saw a friend of mine was building it, it looks so much more grander and bigger than my Unicorns. Probably it's because of it's size and the curves that caught my interest and that I started to appreciate the one-eyed Zakus more haha...

I never really like using their stickers at first, given that I thought they gave those crappy foil stickers that were off measurements and stuffs so I decided to do hand painting using my gundam marker for it's gold emblem and linings. Of cos it turns out kinda bad but still okay for a first timer using the markers haha... It's only after I did this kit, my friend introduced me to the different kind of stickers, which they called it decals, only then I realised they now have different varieties of decals.

So you can see this is how noob I was back then haha... >.<'''

Hand painting using the gold gundam marker...

I will touch up on the display case in a separate post...


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