Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[HG] NZ-666 Kshatriya Neo Zeon Prototype MS for NewType

Ever since I had Sinanju plus watching the Unicorn Anime series, I was so longing to have the Kshatriya model kit for quite some time... The bad news is Bandai didn't make a MG kit for it, and the closest thing I can get is from other brands like G-System and so on. But they were mostly resin kits and it's costly even without colours.

So I ended up buying a HG version of it, due to the reason being is that I don't have enough space to put it in anywhere in my room without getting dust on it... =/

The colour scheme for this is slightly different from it's original cos I really like gold parts a lot...

Yes.. my painting still sucks.. =X

So you can see this is how big a HG version of Kshatriya is, About 2 display cases combined haha..

- Vic

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