Monday, October 7, 2013

[MG] MSN-04 Sazabi Char Anzable's Customised Mobile Suit Metallic Coating Version

This is probably one of my most expensive MGs I had back then, and that statement remains true for all my MGs that I currently owned to date, including the latest Sinanju titanium finish version is still more cheaper than this haha... Although it is a MG kit, it is still quite large, almost the size of a PG kit.

This was also my first kit to be applying the water slide decal which I did not know how it was used at first (Yes, I was really noob), but after a bit of help from my friend and watching a few videos on YouTube that teaches the different types of decals, I managed to pull this off nicely and the kit actually looked more better with decals on.

I was so happy about it as this was my first successful attempt in applying the decals =D

After I finished building it, I decided to put it in my office where I work and also applying the water slide decal over there as well.

This display case was meant for a PG kit, but yet this Sazabi can fill almost all the space in it haha..


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