Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[MG] 'Black Knight' MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Customized

I had some plans for this Sinanju Stein. And that is to give it a total makeover in terms of it's colour. So I made a trip down to the hobby shop and bought some Tamiya spray paints and a gloss top coat spray.

From left, Matt Black, Gun Metal, Gold, Gloss Aluminium and Gloss Top Coat

I started to spray them... (Sorry for the blurry pictures >.<)

Just these few runners, and I have already ran out of matt black and gold colour!!! I was like "Oh s**t...!!!" But then I can't do anything much to just put the remaining runners that needed those colours on hold and proceeded to finish off the remaining runners.

Usage for gun metal and gloss aluminium colour isn't much so I can still save it for other stuffs, but prefarrably not going to spray paint again, unless if I had to. The paint smells terrible and left me with a spinning head for the rest of that day lol...

So after a few days my friend and I went down to Kiddy Palace at Woodlands Causeway Point shopping mall, which they happened to be selling Tamiya spray paint too. So I bought more gold and matt black to finish off my remaining runners and get it done and over with. I still have some leftover spray paints so I thought of spraying some parts to be gold for my Sinanju titanium finish version (soon to be updated XD)

And after drying up, I proceeded to to build the kit as per normal.

One thing special about Sinanju Stein is the articulated hands, something that I have seen it in PG Wing Zero kit.

Gun metal colour really made the plastic weapon looks like a real weapon haha...

Sinanju Stein kit comes with a big piece of water slide decal for all. I only used 40% of them...

Applying the gloss top coat...

Lesson learnt: Never spray too much or else it might ruin the overall look lol...

Sealed in the display case. I will talk more about this case later. And no, this is a different case from the ones I keep my Unicorn Gundams =)

- Vic


  1. Hello!
    Great job this Sinanju Stein. I just got one in my house.
    I would like to take a question to you: After applying the spray, fittings parts were not too hard? How did you get around this problem?

    1. Thanks =)

      It will be slightly tighter than usual, but usually the pegs side are hidden once they are snapped together, so I only spray on the sides that can be seen. Also save more paint at the same time.

    2. did you paint the frame gold?