Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Blog Updates XD

I have been busy, plus I have no kits to work on except for my HMS project, so I'm as good as stuck lol... But anyway, as I posted previously, I finally gotten a new shipment of items from HLJ and finally I have some kits to work on, which I had already completed the Double Fin Funnel set for Nu Gundam Ver Ka and currently in progress of building Miss Sazabi.

Moving forward, I will be updating new pics onto the same post, starting from Miss Sazabi's blog post onwards. This is more for better sorting and looks more cleaner that way, so that I won't have the need to make new post part by part. But do let me know in the comments if you prefer my older way of posting lol...

So my planned schedule is to build Miss Sazabi first, and the next few as follows,

1. MG Build Strike Full Package (Yes I finally got it from my friend lol...)
2. MG Universe Booster
3. MG Gundam Mk-II
4. MG Sengoku Astray Gundam
5. SD BB Build Strike Full Package

Of course, in between would be finding some time to work on my HMS project kits and obviously need time to study for my part time degree (goes without saying lol...) and also obviously my work commitments (duh lol...)

I'm still expecting more payment request from HLJ for a few more kits that are releasing in late March this month but I will only ship them in April together with new kits like RG Exia, SD BB FA Unicorn and Sengoku that are releasing early next month.

So that's about it for my blog updates for now XD

- Vic

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