Sunday, March 2, 2014

[New][Updated 2 March 2014] HGBF Miss Sazabi & Exia Dark Matter????

Bandai never ceased to surprise me, or anyone else... They have released some new HGBF kits like Miss Sazabi (Wtf???) and Exia Dark Matter. They probably are appearing in Gundam Build Fighters anime in near future, but I'm curious to how these 2 kits would actually look like. If this turns out good, I will wait for them to release MG version of these lol...

*Update 2 March 2014: Exact date updated for both of them...

Links to Gundam Guy blog post

Miss Sazabi - Release in 13th March 2014

Exia Dark Matter - Release in 25th March 2014

- Vic

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