Sunday, March 2, 2014

[Completed][MG] HMS-02W 'Holy Wing Zero' Wing Proto Zero Painted Build - [Updated 2 March 2014]

Project Name:
HMS-02W Holy Wing Zero

- Holy Beam Saber x2
- Holy Shield x1
- Twin Holy Buster Rifle x2

Special Ability:
- Light of Unity (From Twin Holy Buster Rifle)

When I bought the first Wing Proto Zero, I already had some vague plans to change it's colors, but only ended up doing a bit and build it normally. I bought this again (Because I forgot to cancel the order for this on HLJ back then lol) and this time I'm determined to do some good planning for this kit.

I will be updating this post regularly. So any latest pics I took will usually be added at the end of this post.

Click on 'Read More' to view more pics XD

Planning the colors... (old pic above, I made some slight changes today lol)

Panel lining parts that are not going for spray painting...

Getting ready for spray painting...
So I have packed those parts together with my other parts from Unicorn Phenex and ready for spray painting tomorrow XD

*Update 1 March 2014: Spray painting done, moving on to assembly...

Still look good lol...

*Update 2 March 2014: Completed!!! Transforming it into Bird mode.... Will post more posing pics soon...

Like a Wing Gundam Fenice XD

That concludes my Holy Wing Zero for the Holy Mobile Suit project XD Now to do more work on Holy ReZEL Guard... This one has a lot of colors to be modify...

- Vic


  1. Hi bro, I live near amk too. HDB nowhere paint how you paint?! Nice colors btw.

  2. Thanks. I'm working my options out to see which one are better to work at.

  3. Awesome work, better than What I've done so far. Though It does remind me of one of my first painted builds, but I was going for the White Ranger look.

    1. Thanks =) I can't see yours though.. Facebook keeps saying the content is not available lol...

    2. Sorry about that, I forgot to make that album public.

      Let's try it again. I'm also starting work on a Wing Gundam in Green Ranger colors.

    3. Yup I'm able to view now.. And I saw your Wing Proto Zero too.. Very nice painted build you had there haha =D

      Looking forward to see your green ranger version =D

  4. The Green Ranger version is up.

    1. Nice! Color combination is great in this one =)

  5. Almost reminds me of the Fenice from Build Fighters

    1. Oh yes it does, now that you mentioned it, except that the white becomes gold lol...