Saturday, March 8, 2014

New MG Kits added to HMS Project???

I was on my way back home from physical training, and I had an inspiration struck in my head. Two new MG kits will be joining to my HMS project. No, it's not Holy ReZEL Guard and Holy Unicorn Emperor. These two new kits will be made known soon after both of my current outstanding HMS project kits are done.

I did an interesting silhouette on one of the kits which I edited it using Gimp lol..

HMS-04 '???'
Based on this original kit, I will "Holy-fied" it... I don't think there's even a word called "Holy-fied" lol... XD

The second kit I'm planning to do is quite straight forward. It's meant to be evolved from Holy Wing Zero, so you know what kit I will based on lol...

That's about it for my HMS project plans lol... and pray hard that the White spray paint will turn out well on Holy ReZEL Guard...

- Vic

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