Saturday, November 23, 2013

[MG] RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka Amuro Ray Cusomize MS for NewType Part 03

The pyscho frame parts are a real killer... Not only they are small, it require you to apply small silver foil stickers at various parts... Really need a lot more focus on that portion...

23rd November 2013 Afternoon:

See both sides and top, really need to place those stickers carefully...

I'm stopping at the inner frame of the legs and taking a break for now...

*Taking a break in progress...*

23rd November 2013 Evening:

Managed to finished that dreaded pyscho frame parts! XD

I must say, sticking all these small pieces of foil stickers to those small pyscho frame parts is damn tiring lol...

This backpack unit comes with 2 options. One is Normal and the other is Double Fin Funnel. Normal, as you know, is the original design for the Nu Gundam. These images shown are the Double Fin Funnel settings. It allows to mount up another set of Fin Funnels for the Nu Gundam. Here's the question. Where is the other set of Fin Funnels? It's sold separately and will be releasing only in January 2014. So for now. I will leave it like this, because I have already pre-ordered the Double Fin Funnel set lol

And that's all for now! I will finish up the remaining parts (mainly the weapons and the Fin Funnels) tomorrow.

- Vic

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