Sunday, November 3, 2013

[MG] RGM-96X Jesta E.F.S.F. Special Operations Mobile Suit - Pre-Examination "Warm Up"

Exams are coming and it's kinda tough especially if you are working and studying at the same time. Luckily I have this kit to de-stress myself when revision study gets too intense lol... Build finish a part and get back to study, and then repeat the same process until the kit is complete lol...

Here's something special about this kit. It might looks like some ordinary Federation MS but the this kit can actually housed a LED unit inside the body and light up the eyes in the head. The LED unit was not included with it as it was sold seperately, so I re-used the LED unit from my PG Strike Freedom kit.

I did some spray paint on it's inner frame and weapon parts with Gun Metal color as the default light grey was too plain. Gun Metal let you have a feel like it's inner frame were really made of metal lol..

The LED unit is housed just below the neck of the Body so that the LED shines through the hole and through the transparent joint connected to the eyes in the head.

I would have never expected this kit to have articulated hands, but surprising it has, and it's quite similar to the hands from Sinanju Stein kit that I have.

And there I have it, a completed Jesta =D

- Vic

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