Saturday, November 30, 2013

[HG] D-50C Loto Twin Set E.F.S.F. Special Operations MS Part 01

While I was watching the Unicorn Gundam anime, I noticed the Loto that can transform from a mobile suit to tank mode. As I was once (3 years ago) served in the Armor unit in Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), our unit was the first unit that has the newest tank which is called the "Leopard" tank. It is a Main Battle Tank (MBT) for our unit.

So back to the topic, I was wondering to myself how awesome the leopard tanks it can be if they can transform like the Loto. So here I got myself a HG Loto twin set kit, and did some slight color modification to closely match the color of the Leopard tank. I took this chance to do spray painting while I was spray painting my remaining parts from my competition kit at my school, which is my workplace. It's Saturday today so by rights I'm not working but only came back just to fully focus on my kits without disturbance lol...

Color used in here are Gun Metal and British Green...

I'm stopping here for now... my competition kit is almost finishing (Not doing today) and I want to do a bit on my MG Strike Rouge and another bit for RG Strike Freedom too lol...

- Vic

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[HG] D-50C Loto Twin Set E.F.S.F. Special Operations MS Part 02

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