Sunday, November 24, 2013

[MG] XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Proto Zero Mobile Suit Part 01

This kit is the recent new release from Bandai, and it is said to be different from all other Wing Gundam kits that they currently have, which is true by the way lol... I was having mixed feelings about getting this kit cos the colors seems too... colorful???

Anyway, I still ended up getting this as me and my colleague were at the hobby shop picking xmas presents for us to exchange. Why we do it early? Cos my colleague couldn't attend our gather in December as he will be on overseas trip during that period. So he chose the Strike Rouge Ootori (which I paid for it) and I chose this Wing Gundam Proto Zero (which he paid for it).

The only parts I spray paint are the yellow ones. These were used to be yellow lol

I deliberately did not assemble it's fingers as I'm keeping it like that till I fix the rifles.

The legs kind of reminds me of PG Wing Gundam Zero...

And I'm stopping here for now. Not sure why this MG kit took shorter time than the Nu Gundam kit... Maybe it's because Nu Gundam "Ver. Ka" lol... I will be continuing it again later in the evening XD

- Vic

Click here for the next part!

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