Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Blog Updates

Welcome back to another of my monthly blog updates =D

Things have been going slow now lately as I have nothing much to do for normal build kits, and I'm still waiting for my MG Banshee Norn and HG Neo Zeong from HAW. While at HLJ's side, I have just gotten the SD Full Armor Legend Knight and would be expecting the RG Z'gok anytime soon before end of this month.

I have already recently completed the SD Neo Zeong, which is cute and I like it lol, and I'm now going full throttle on my HMS project kits. As you have know it I have just completed the Holy Fighter, Holy Strike Booster and Holy Star Booster these past few days  and by far that was the best kit to undergo the HMS treatment together with Project Evolution (just recently think up of this name lol) so I'm really proud of it =D

This is the final pose I did and decided to case them up altogether like this, with the weapons placed on the base stands (Not shown in this pic)

So I will need to get a bigger casing for them now lol...

Putting my HMS project kits and everything aside, I have also will be starting up the Darkness Mobile Suit project soon after the my last two kits are complete. I have selected two kits to kick start this project, but still currently planning on how to create the 3-color rule for this project. But anyway, the DMS project won't be happening anytime soon, maybe year end or earlier lol..

Lastly, if you had notice, I had also started writing up some detailed description for each of my HMS project kits. it's like a wiki but different lol... I'm currently still in the midst of building them. For it's side-stories I will write them up when I started the first two kits of the DMS project.

That's all for the updates. I will update again next month =D

- Vic

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