Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[Completed][MG] HMS-04 'Holy Fighter' Build Strike Painted Build - [Updated 9 July 2014]

Project Name:
HMS-04 Holy Fighter

- Holy Beam Saber x2
- Holy Beam Rifle x1

Special Ability:
- Inner Faith (Powers up Internal Frame)
- Holy Knuckle (From Inner Faith)

This idea was spawned from my original idea from the Star Build Strike, thanks to the evolution idea that I had for the Wing Gundam lol... But this is, however, just the Build Strike without any booster. The reason for this will be made known very soon, as I really wanted to feature all the parts as much as I can under the Holy Mobile Suit project.

So with that, for the first time, this kit will be my main foundation for 2 more variations, which will be coming up really soon (as they are easy as it seems lol...) and I hope this evolution idea of mine will be a success =D

I will update this post as I moved along. Click on 'Read more' to view more pics XD

*Updated 11 May 2014: I was bored to death revising my work, so I find some other things to do to get away from my revision a moment by planning some color assignment for this kit lol...

*Updated 2 July 2014: I have completed separating the parts from it's runners for spray painting. This is the first time I'm doing this so probably I will take longer than usual to complete my spray painting job lol...

*Updated 5 July 2014: Spray painting work has started, took almost half a day to finish this, the other 2 Holy boosters and my Fortune Beargguy present lol... First time doing spray painting for individual parts. Results are really much better compared to spraying on runners, and able to spray more parts in one single can. And also learnt to save more paint by not spray painting parts that are permanently covered lol...

*Updated 6 July 2014: Finally starting to work on building my kit lol... I'll consider whether to carry on building or play my PC games after dinner XD

*Update: Well.. Seems like I chose to continue building, here it is lol...

Some visible nub marks there... I will take care of it when I apply decals lol..

*Updated 8 July 2014: Same same lol... Will do poses tomorrow XD

*Updated 9th July 2014: Pose time! XD

Now to move on to Holy Strike Booster... Merging them both is imminent now lol XD

- Vic

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