Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Completed][MG] HMS-B02 'Holy Star Booster' Universe Booster Painted Build - [Updated 10 July 2014]

Project Name:
HMS-B02 Holy Star Booster

- Holy Beam Cannon x2

Special Ability:
- Docking (Able to attach to Holy Fighter to become Holy Star Fighter, increased performance, upgrade to Holy Redemption Shield and Holy Hyper Beam Rifle)
- Concentration (Able to store more energy, regardless for aggressive or defensive)

The next booster which everyone is familiar of as it was being sold separately lol... This kit is another evolution idea of mine which it can be added on to the Holy Fighter to become the Holy Star Fighter. Unlike the Holy Strike Booster, this booster has the ability to absorb more energy and dissipate all, whether it is used for aggressive or defensive stance.

I will update this post as I moved along. Click on 'Read more' to view more pics XD

*Updated 3 July 2014: There's not much to spray paint this, so I will be doing this together with my Holy Fighter and Holy Strike Booster kits.

Finally I didn't break anything in here like my previous one lol...

*Updated 5 July 2014: Spray painting work has started, took almost half a day to finish this, the other 2 Holy boosters and my Fortune Beargguy present lol... First time doing spray painting for individual parts. Results are really much better compared to spraying on runners, and able to spray more parts in one single can. And also learnt to save more paint by not spray painting parts that are permanently covered lol...

*Updated 7 July 2014: Booster completed... Tomorrow I shall work on it's add-on parts =D

*Updated 8 July 2014: Finally everything is complete. I will do some poses of this and the other two tomorrow XD

*Updated 10 July 2014: Shots taken from yesterday, just that I was too sleepy and overwhelmed by the number of poses I took for these 3 kits lol...

I did have one photo taken for the Holy Star Fighter as a form of sneak preview, which I will be putting it up soon lol...

- Vic

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