Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[Completed][MG] HMS-B01 'Holy Strike Booster' Build Booster Painted Build - [Updated 9 July 2014]

Project Name:
HMS-B01 Holy Strike Booster

- Holy Beam Cannon x2

Special Ability:
- Docking (Able to attach to Holy Fighter to become Holy Strike Fighter, increased performance, grants the Holy Heavy Shield and upgrade to Enhanced Holy Beam Rifle)

I know this booster came together with the Build Strike and all that blah blah blah explanations. But I just don't feel it's right to not give it any unique name for it lol.. But since this booster can be an independent kit and it can shoot things down and all by itself, so why not?

This booster kit is an additional Backpack Unit for the Holy Fighter, and also part of the evolution for it when it attached to it, they will become the "Holy Strike Fighter", which I will feature it on another separate blog post. I have another booster that is coming up too, and this one, everyone knows what booster is that next so I won't need to explain further about it lol..

I will update this post as I moved along. Click on 'Read more' to view more pics XD

There's no boxart for this MG booster, so I can only use this image for illustration lol...

*Updated 11 May 2014: You might aware that this manual book is identical to my Holy Fighter's, because they are the same basically lol... This will be featured once I have completed my Holy Fighter.

This post only features the Holy Strike booster, nothing else lol...

*Updated 2 July 2014: Since it's together, I can do the parts separation for this too lol..

*Updated 5 July 2014: Spray painting work has started, took almost half a day to finish this, the other 2 Holy boosters and my Fortune Beargguy present lol... First time doing spray painting for individual parts. Results are really much better compared to spraying on runners, and able to spray more parts in one single can. And also learnt to save more paint by not spray painting parts that are permanently covered lol...

*Updated 7 July 2014: Started building the booster and it's weapons. Planning to finish up the Holy Star Booster kit so that I can do some final touch up and apply decals for all 3 kits at one shot lol...

*Updated 8 July 2014: Finally completed... Shall do poses tomorrow XD

*Updated 9 July 2014: Pose time! XD

Begin attaching the booster to the Holy Fighter... =D

- Vic

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