Monday, April 7, 2014

Gundam Guy: Gundam Build Fighters Coloring Contest

Gundam Guy was holding a coloring contest based on the Build Strike Full Package, Exia Dark Matter and GM Sniper K9 as the base template for coloring. Well, at first I wasn't really interested in participating and I downloaded the Exia Dark Matter template to doodle around, again the ideas based from HMS project that is currently ongoing lol... This is how it looks like lol...

I know the color is a bit blend, which I agree as well lol, but this is just my rough sketch using Gimp lol... If Bandai really made a MG version of this Exia (Dark Matter or Amazing or whichever), I would love to apply my standard White, Gold and Silver color to it.. Anyway, I submitted this entry to GG just for fun, not expecting to win anything lol...

There's more entries you can view on GG's blog through this link.

- Vic

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