Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Holy Mobile Suit Updates

Some updates to my Holy Mobile Suit project XD

I have started using #HolyMobileSuit a few weeks ago on Facebook when I was in the midst of building my Holy ReZEL Guard. This is actually my first time using hashtag and also the fact that this is my first hashtag, so that all the news and updates related to my HMS project will get consolidated under #HolyMobileSuit. If you have a Facebook account (everyone should have nowadays lol...) you can use that hashtag and browse through my project latest news and updates.

Next, I have also recently unveiled another kit that will be part of the HMS project is the "Holy Fighter". It's already live in my blog post with all the armaments and stuffs lol..

Thanks to the Evolution idea of mine that I thought for Holy Angel Knight, this Holy Fighter kit will be done based on this ideas as well. For this kit it wold be a bit special, cos it can evolve two more times, with the Holy Fighter kit as the main foundation. Oh by the way, when I said Holy Fighter, I meant only the Build Strike Gundam without it's booster lol... I wanted to feature the boosters separately so for the this Build Booster that came together with Build Strike Gundam kit, it will be used for the second stage of evolution. What is the third stage of evolution, I will made known to it in the near future lol...

Also for the first time, I will be experimenting some custom decals decors for Holy Angel Knight kit. I got this decal from HLJ...

This is a Tribal decal (Yellow and Silver), and it's a water slide decal. I'm not sure if it looks holy enough, but I will try applying onto the Holy Angel Kit and see what's the outcome of it and how it turns out to be lol...

And lastly, this is currently how I plan out to work on my project after my exams is over, and will be building them in between my regular builds.

1. HMS-02W2 Holy Angel Knight (with custom decals for experimenting)
2. HMS-04 Holy Fighter (Without the Build Booster)

More details will be made known in the near future for these following kits...
3. HMS-B01 Holy Strike Booster
4. HMS-04B01 Holy Strike Fighter
5. HMS-B02 Holy Star Booster
6. HMS-04B02 Holy Star fighter

As for Holy Unicorn Emperor, as I said in my previous blog post, it is temporary on hold for the time being. I can assure you that I'm not abandoning this kit as I had many plans and ideas for it, just that I had to wait for the MG Unicorn Banshee Norn to arrive first before doing anything. So the latest you would see this kit would be around near end of this year, but I will try to bring it forward if everything goes according as scheduled.

That's about it for my HMS project updates for now =D

- Vic

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