Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[New][Updated 1 April 2014] RG Gundam Exia, The Next RG Kit!

Gundam Exia is now joining in the RG line! It will be release in April 2014, which is very long as you can see lol... And it's price are set at 2,700 Yen. I would be looking forward to this kit, seeing that I had fun building (and applying stickers) to RG Strike Freedom lol... I had a RG Destiny coming up soon once I have completed the MG Astray Red Frame.

*Update 25 March 2014: New images updated...

*Update 26 March 2014: Box art added...

*Update 1 April 2014: Exact release date updated and added details about RG Exia Repair

Link and image from Gundam Guy's blog post

RG Exia (Release date: 26 April 2014)

In addition to this, Bandai also release the exclusive add-on parts for RG Exia to make it into RG Exia Repair! This exclusive add-ons will be released in May 2014.

- Vic

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